Crouching Tiger, Hidden Husband

(Originally posted January 6, 2013)

Double Arch - Arches National Park - Utah
Double Arch – Arches National Park – Utah

Whenever we’re traveling, my husband usually gets treated to my asking him for little photographic favors like, “Sweetie… could you do me a favor and crouch down behind that rock for a sec?” or “Sweetie… could you do me a favor and tuck yourself around that corner for a second?”  Usually I get a small eye roll, a quick sigh, and then he moves out of the way so I can get my shot.  (When we get home, he appreciates the results in the picture though!)

This shot of Double Arch in Arches National Park outside of Moab, UT was one of these shots where I needed my husband to do me a solid.  Somewhere, behind one of those rocks, he’s crouching and hiding for me so I could capture this scene sans people.  Lucky for me he’s so obliging.  Even better that I got the shot when I did because not long afterwards, a swarm of people came up the trail and there would be no more getting this shot without people in it!

So this quick post is really a tribute to my husband who puts up with some simple (and not so simple) requests for me when it comes to my photography.  Without his help – big or small – shots like this wouldn’t be possible.