Sunset Ninja

(Originally posted September 18, 2012)

Bryce Canyon Sunset Walls
Bryce Canyon Sunset Walls

How my husband puts up with some of my silliness while I take pictures, I’ll never know… but I’m so grateful that he does!!

One of the more recent moments where I think he was slightly embarrassed to be seen with me while I was taking pictures was when I was capturing the phenomenal site that is Bryce Amphitheater at sunset.  He probably felt that way because I was dressed like some sort of photographic ninja.  Let me explain…

We were camping during our entire stay at Bryce Canyon National Park and as the sun was getting lower in the sky, we made sure that we were ready for bedtime before trekking to Sunset Point for my photo session with the Amphitheater.  We had an early dinner, washed up as best as we could, and hopped into our woolies for the cold night to come.

It’s those pajamas that gave me my ninja look – black thermal pants, a long sleeve black t-shirt, my fleece jacket liner – black, and my navy blue baseball cap.  Even all of my camera equipment was black!

As we rolled to Sunset Point and walked to the canyon rim, I got quite a few looks from the tourists walking back to their buses.  Even my husband sat a small distance from me chuckling at the spectacle I had become.  (Though he was laughing, he was still acting as my one-man security team, always watchful of my safety because of the attention my camera setup often unintentionally brings.)

The look I cared about was what was in front of the lens – not what I was wearing behind the camera.  I’d have to say that for my first Bryce sunset, the results speak for themselves!  Not bad for a “camera ninja”…