About Us

JoAnn Clark – Photographer

Many would say that it was inevitable that I would start taking pictures at some point in my life, simply because my father has been honing his photography skills longer than I’ve been alive! I remember going on family vacations as a kid and hating having to wait – seemingly forever – for my dad to setup his camera to take a picture, or wonder why he was taking multiple shots of the same scene when nothing had changed. Years later though, the photography bug bit me and I finally understood why my dad was always took so long to take pictures… it takes a both a creative eye to compose a shot and an attention to detail to produce the perfect shot!

It’s that eye for detail and the determination to get the outstanding and unique image that I’ve inherited from my father and am now applying to my own photographic style. My photographic “eye” loves to capture both the ordinary and extraordinary scenes of everyday life. One day I may shoot an interesting shadow or some good looking (and tasty!) food, while the next day could have me capturing vast vistas or delicate details of nature. Other days, I could be shooting an event involving one of my favorite sports teams. No matter what I’m photographing, I delight in finding new and exciting ways to capture images that others often overlook during the course of a day, no matter what the setting may be!

As of July 2013, my new home base is in the greater Denver area where I live with my husband and our dog Sydney. (Sydney is both the inspiration for our company name and is the model for our logo.) We do like to travel as much as our schedule allows, so that provides me a different set of photographic and environmental opportunities and challenges that I wouldn’t normally find close to our new home.

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