Endlessly Catching Up

2018 continues to fly by faster and faster.  Here we are, just a few days after the US Thanksgiving holiday and I’m only just now getting my pictures from a short July trip to Wyoming posted!  Maybe 2019 will be the year that I keep on top of the blogging better?  (It’s good to have goals…)

Now let’s time travel back to July… We took a short weekend trip up to Laramie, Wyoming to check it out and hike up Medicine Bow peak just outside of town.  Laramie isn’t terribly far from our home, and only weeks after saying goodbye to our dog, a change of scenery for a few days was what we needed.

Laramie itself was OK – nothing spectacular to speak of.  Medicine Bow National Forest though?  That was awesome!

Since our hike was going to be above treeline most of the day, we got our usual early start.  We hit pay dirt right away, as we arrived at the trailhead just as the sun popped up and kissed the east-facing slopes of Medicine Bow peak.  An amazing start to what was a fantastic day of hiking.

Medicine Bow Peak Sunrise

The trail was fairly steep at the start, but not terribly difficult if you paced yourself.  I think it was this early part of the hike where my husband was stopping to take more pictures than I did because the light and the scenery was simply awesome.

Once we finished the steep part, we were above treeline and “just” had to wind our way around to the back of Medicine Bow for a few miles to find the trail to reach peak.  That roundabout way of reaching the top was longer, but much easier to tackle.  It also had amazing views, including a southward vista clear into north central Colorado’s high country!

Hello Colorado!
Western View Heading to Medicine Bow Peak

The climb to the peak got steep and a little rocky (as they usually do when you’re climbing mountains), but we made it!  The views were certainly worth the effort…

Medicine Bow Peak View from the Top
Dive In

With snowbanks still around in mid-July, we schlepped through some soggy mush to avoid some steep rocky slopes.  (We even took a moment to make a couple of snowballs and gave them a little toss in honor of our pup who loved few things more than chasing snowballs.)

As steep as the start of the trail was, the way back down was even more so!  Thankfully, we had read about now narrow & steep this part of the trail was, so we were ready.  If we had started our day coming up this end of the loop to reach the peak, I’m sure I’d be telling a much different story about exhaustion & frustration!

The rest of our day was simply beautiful.  The last couple of miles wound along the lakes sitting at the base of the mountain, with the weather cooperating, creating stunning scenery.

Picture Perfect Medicine Bow

While we weren’t impressed with our stay in Laramie itself, the Medicine Bows blew us away.  Definitely a trip we’ll do again – with a few tweaks to maximize our outdoor time a little bit better!


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