Down & Out

What’s that you ask?  That’s my empty shell where my 2 month old computer used to be. Something went majorly amok in my spankin’ new MacBook Pro & it died last week. Zero power. Totally dead. Hardware failure. To say I wanted to scream is an understatement…

So it’ll be 7-10 business days waiting for Apple to get me a replacement. Figures it happened just as I was getting close to posting a new blog. ‘Tis life, and majorly frustrating at that.

Once I’m back up & running again, I have 2 snowshoe outings to share. And only one set of those pictures has to be reprocessed, so maybe that’s the silver lining?

2 thoughts on “Down & Out

  1. They got my computer back to me about a week after this post, but I’ve been so busy it’s taken me about 2 months to get things caught back up so I’m posting again. New backup mechanisms are in place now, so if this ever happens again, I’ll be even more prepared than I already was.


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