Macro Mania – Cactus Edition

With the new camera, I’m finding a rekindled interest in shots I used to mess with all the time.  In this particular case, it’s macros.  I haven’t done a lot of them in recent years, but I’ve been hunkered down with the tripod in the backyard each of the last two weekends grabbing shots.  What’s caught my eye lately?  Cactus.

My husband started a little cactus garden a couple of years ago not long after we moved into our new house.  We had a nook over the TV area that we didn’t know what to do with, so he started filling it with potted succulents a little at a time.  The first year or two they did great, but this winter they didn’t like it so much.  (I blame my black thumb presence simply being near them.)

Come spring, outside they went for “rehab”.  Luckily for us, they’re coming back like champs and growing like gangbusters!  Better for me that their growth spurt is creating all kinds of funky-ness for macro photography.

Below are a few shots I captured – some spines from a barrel cactus, and some sprouting additions on a paddle cactus.  I may be adding to the photographic collection as these guys continue to (hopefully) flourish during the summer!

– JC

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