Photographic Coincidences

We were lucky enough to get snow on Christmas again in 2015, so that meant for the second year in a row that conditions were perfect for snowshoeing that weekend.  Woo hoo!

Last winter or the one prior, we attempted to go to Mills Lake on one of our hikes, but somehow missed a turn and ended up at Loch Vale instead.  Whoops!  This year though, we made it to Mills Lake.  Simply a gorgeous day for a winter hike.

Glorious Winter
Glorious Winter

Along the trail up to the lake, a twisted pine tree caught my eye sitting atop a small hill whose snow was largely untouched.  Light was right, sky was crystal-clear blue, so off I trudged.  Boy was I happy I did…

Twisting Into Blue
Twisting Into Blue

Later that day, I hop online at home and start checking the various feeds to catch up on the world and whatever we may have missed while we were out playing in the snow.  As I’m poking around, I come across a post from the official Rocky Mountain NP account on Facebook or Twitter and it’s got a picture of a tree that looks really familiar.  Hmm…

I started wondering why that looked so dang familiar and then it hits me – of all of the trees and thousands of acres in that park, the Park Service and I took a picture of the same tree!  Unreal…  The Park’s picture was good and composed in a very similar way, but I think mine was better simply because of sheer luck:  I had better conditions to shoot in.  They had a gray cloudy day, and I had all kinds of sunny, snowy, gorgeous-ness!

Funny how things happen sometimes…




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