The Hiking Gourmet

With some good early snow coming to the high country last year, that meant that snowshoeing season could start early!  We were able to get out for a snowy hike the first weekend of December because there was already 2 feet of snow at higher elevations at Rocky Mountain National Park.  Yay mountain winters!

Our hike on the Flattop Mountain trail was relatively uneventful – just a patch of plain fun in the winter wonderland.  The centerpiece of the day’s trip was really the lunch because my husband decided to get “gourmet” about it and bring a special treat – hot cocoa!  Not just the water and powder kind either… he warmed up the milk and used the good stuff in it too.

Normally when we hike, the lunch is just some tortillas, salami, cheese, and cookies.  (More on the cookies later.)  We keep it simple enough to carry and caloric enough to fuel us on the day.  Greens are not the order of the day when we hike!

Snowshoe Gourmet Lunch
Snowshoe Gourmet Lunch

While we were huddled up having lunch in a patch of trees off of the trail, we noticed 2 things:

  1.  There was a really simple, yet pretty, scene shaping up among the trees with the light coming through the forest.  And…
Rocky in Winter
Rocky in Winter

2.  That – while hiking – I’m basically a little kid some days.  If I’m good and can make it a long way without hurting myself or whining, I get a cookie!  And we’re not talking a simple Oreo or Fig Newton – we’re talking a big, thick, chewy, gooey chocolate chip cookie!!  (What can I say?  I’m food motivated I guess!)

So our first winter outing was a success, and it happened before the winter solstice t’boot.  That’s a success in my book!



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