Catching Up at Chasm Lake

It’s been an absurdly long time since I last worked on my pictures, let alone posted to the blog.  So here I am, almost 6 months behind – again – trying to catch-up – again.  No need to bore everyone with a lame list of excuses, so I’ll just dive in to where the picture processing left off… a hike in Rocky Mountain National Park up to Chasm Lake.

In October, we had a day off from work to hike up to Chasm Lake.  The lake’s name isn’t exactly original because it describes more or less exactly where to find it – tucked in a hidden spot between hills at the base of Longs Peak.  What the lake lacks in originality in its name, it more than makes up for with an amazing up-close view of the diamond face of Longs Peak.

This trail and the lake will forever be special for me because it’s the first hike my now-husband took me on in Colorado back when we were just friends oh-so-many years ago.  What’s sad, but slightly funny, is that since that first time he took me up there, we’d never been back!  This hike was the first time we’d been back in over 12 years.  (We must change that in the future…)

We got lucky on this day and didn’t have to deal with any mountain snow.  (Yes, the mountains start seeing snow at that elevation as early as September.)  We did, however, have to contend with some vicious winds.  They were so strong at points it felt like we were walking and not moving an inch.  It certainly slowed us down at points, and I was thankful I was only lugging my phone for some quick shots.  If I had my whole camera setup with me, everything would’ve been shaky no matter how much I tried to stabilize it.

The Way to Chasm Lake
The Way to Chasm Lake

Thankfully, because Chasm Lake is tucked in a little valley, the wind wasn’t as horrible as it was on the hillsides coming up.  That’s not to say it wasn’t windy at all, but we were able to shelter ourselves near some boulders on the shore and have a spot of lunch.  The views from the lake while we ate were absolutely terrible.  (sarcasm)

Longs Peak at Chasm Lake
Longs Peak at Chasm Lake

Eventually we did have to turn back and head downhill like we always do.  Even though we didn’t have to contend with snow, the signs of alpine winter were starting to appear.  It really wouldn’t be long until the cold set in for good and all the plants and animals were tucked away for winter.

Trace of Winter in Fall
Trace of Winter in Fall

It wasn’t the easiest day of hiking, but it sure was worth it – just like that first time my husband took me up there to show off one part of his favorite places in the world… Rocky Mountain National Park.


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