Pointing Home

Remembering HomeWe came across this batch of signs in the little town of Lyons about 20 minutes away from our home while we were strolling around the town one night before dinner.  It immediately reminded me of the signs you’d see at the camps in war movies (or in my case, M*A*S*H reruns) that said how far away everyone’s hometowns were.

What caught my eye here wasn’t just the signs themselves – which were right up my alley – it was the list of towns up there.  It was quite an eclectic mix.  What made me laugh was finding 2 signs up there that pointed to towns only an hour or two from where I grew up (and where most of my family still lives).  Now, whenever I see these signs, I’ll always know just about how far away I am from where I grew up and can think about – and appreciate! – the crazy journey it’s been.


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