The Black Rebate Border Project

(Originally posted February 24, 2013)

February’s been a rather busy month for us here at Alpha Pup, and unfortunately that took me away from my camera and my imaging fun for a few weeks.  Now that things are getting back to their normal pace, I finally got to work on another project in the queue – border effects.

Border effects in digital photography have become fairly commonplace, with some achieving more effective visual results than others.  The effect I played with today – and loved! – was black rebate borders.  This border style harkens back to the days of film, when a photographer would include the entire negative on the final print, so the result would have some black lines or even the sprockets from the sides of 35mm film along the edge in the final product.  Some photographers would print using this style to show that they had composed the image using the entire frame available on the camera and didn’t resort to cropping or other tweaks in the darkroom while developing the results.

For this digital version of the “old school” effect, I was inspired by some old borderless picture frames I found around the house a few weeks ago.  I wanted to re-use the frames for something, but I couldn’t figure out what.  That’s when it clicked…  I grabbed a handful of Penn State Nittany Lion Shrine prints I’ve compiled over the years, converted them to black & white, and added the border effect.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the results! The Nittany Lion - Penn State University - University Park, PA - B&W Rebate BorderClass of 1940 Gift - Penn State University - University Park, PA - B&W Rebate BorderPurple & White Daisy - B&W Rebate Border Lion's Paw - Penn State University - B&W Rebate Border

I’m not sure of the exact arrangement I’ll use to hang the collage on the wall, but I do know I will use this border again at some point.  And, although apps like Instagram let you add borders and effects like this in no time flat, I really enjoyed taking the time to play with this border and re-create each of these images to give them some new life.



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