Saturday Afternoon Two-fer

(Originally posted January 26, 2013)

It’s been a milestone week for us at AlphaPup.  After steadily chipping away at the inventory backlog to get our site up and running, I’m thrilled to say that the backlog is gone and we can start working on some new fun and interesting projects!

This afternoon, I came across an old photography book of mine that has a lot of fun ideas in it.  An A-to-Z of projects and techniques, if you will.  I thought it would make as fertile fodder for some blog entries over the coming weeks (and maybe months – there’s a lot of potential projects in that book!).  The fun for me will come in both updating the techniques to today’s modern-day tools and flexing some funky creative muscle along the way with some of our images.  Yay to variety!  Hopefully you’ll enjoy the journey too…

The first project in the book was a fairly simple and straightforward one:  Adding Text.  That was something simple enough that I’ve done before, but that was the first project, so it was time to dig for ideas.  Given that I just processed my center ice panorama shot that I took at the big Penn State – Vermont ice hockey game in Philly last weekend, I thought it would be perfect for this project because I’ve purchased quite a few stadium panoramic prints for myself over the years.  So, why not try my hand at making my own!?!  Here’s the result:

Opening Draw - Philadelphia College Hockey Faceoff - Penn State vs. Vermont

Considering that we go to some unconventional sporting events, I think I’ll be making more of these types of prints as time goes on.  What better than to have some stadium shots of your own to commemorate big milestone events for your favorite teams?  We’re certainly not the only fans of these teams, so why not share the bounty!?

So that was today’s Saturday two-fer project.  I got to process a few images that were awaiting my attention and embark on some new creative ventures for our site and the blog.  Stay tuned to see what’s to come in future projects because – just from looking at the book – there’s bound to be some cool things coming down the line!!



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