Traveling Down Memory Lane

(Originally posted August 13, 2012)

Yucca Plant - Colorado National Monument
Yucca Plant – Colorado National Monument

As I work on building Alpha Pup Photography’s online collections, I’m already enjoying the trips I’m taking down memory lane simply by looking at pictures taken years ago that I haven’t seen in a long time.

That’s when it hit me – sharing some of these stories along the way would be a good way for me to share a little bit about myself and the stories behind the images.

Today’s image takes me back to our trip to Utah & Colorado in May of 2009.  Our trip was originally supposed to have us starting in Denver, CO, then traveling out to Utah to see Arches National Park, Canyonlands National Park, and Capitol Reef National Park before driving back to Denver to fly home.  The trip started as planned – got to Denver, had a lovely drive through the mountains, and onto Arches National Park.  Our stay at Arches was outstanding – my husband and I had an absolute blast and were sad to leave to move onto the next park!

While we were killing time before checking into our hotel for the evening in Moab, UT, we wandered about downtown and that’s when my husband had an idea – let’s change the trip!  We had joked about changing our itinerary because we had that kind of flexibility with our camping plans, but we couldn’t come up with a combination that would work with reservations that we couldn’t change.  He finally figured out a new plan and that took us from Moab, to Natural Bridges National Monument further south in Utah, then over to Durango, CO for a couple of nights, before heading back north to Colorado National Monument (near Grand Junction) and back to Denver.  Now that’s quite a change!

Thankfully, it all worked out so beautifully (and I have plenty of pictures to share as proof!).  When I came across this picture of a yucca plant from Colorado National Monument, I got to thinking about how great it was to call an “audible” on our trip and change things up and simply wing it.  The changes certainly meant our trip was a little dizzying, but I think I see some of that in this picture.  While looking at it again tonight, I found my eyes just darting all over the place with the lines and the curly-cues of the yucca threads.  I thought it made for a fitting analogy to this particular trip.


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