Long Lost Mums

(Originally posted August 22, 2012)

Magenta Mums Macro
Magenta Mums Macro

The construction of the Alpha Pup Photography online inventory continues!  Tonight while I was adding a few more of the many shots I’m sifting through to create our galleries, I came across an old favorite of mine.  My eye tends to catch the little details in everyday life.  One day I may be staring at a pen on a table and see an interesting detail shot I need to take, while other days I’ll see a pretty flower or a great landscape and want to capture that somehow.  It’s that kind of thinking that was behind this shot.

No far-flung trip was involved to get this image.  I simply went to the grocery store down the street!  I happened to pass a display with these fantastically fun mums and decided to grab a pot of them to take home, using photography practice with my still-new camera and brand new macro lens as my “excuse”.  The setup was super-simple because I just put the flowers on the island in our kitchen, setup the camera on the tripod, and clicked away!

Of that little photo session, I think this shot was my favorite by far.  It certainly still brings a smile to my face even all these years later.  (I guess that’s the power of cheery, happy-looking flowers!)


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