I Need a Margarita NOW

(Originally posted December 1, 2012)

Flowered Flower Pots - San Diego, CA
Flowered Flower Pots – San Diego, CA

Whenever I see this picture, I always think of how close I was to having a much-needed margarita in San Diego.  Here’s why…

When my husband finished his master’s degree, his parents generously offered to send him to a one-week Spanish language immersion class in Ensenada, Mexico (along with his father – that’s an even longer story!) as a graduation present.  The school also offered cooking classes on the weekends, so it was an easy two-fer for our family, and that’s why my mother-in-law and I flew down to see our spouses at the end of their week of classes.  Here’s what the original plan was:

  1. The guys fly to San Diego at the start of the week, cross the border and get settled into Ensenada.
  2. My mother-in-law and I would fly into San Diego on Thursday, cross the border on Friday, and meet the guys in town after their classes were done.
  3. All four of us cross the border back into the States on Sunday and head home the next day.

Simple enough, right?  Well, not when it came to the planning.  Thanks to an abundance of frequent flyer miles, the flight planning was tricky, but doable.  We even got it set so I would fly from Philly to Dallas and I would meet my mother-in-law in Dallas (since she was coming in from Chicago), and we’d continue onto San Diego together on the same flight.  It was a nice thought to have some company on the last 3 hours of the flight to SD.  (Full disclosure:  While some folks would welcome this situation, I’m one of the lucky ones who really gets along well with her in-laws, so it was a bummer that we couldn’t hang out on the flight.)

My flight went smoothly, but then I couldn’t find my mother-in-law in Dallas.  If you’ve never been to that airport, it’s HUGE!  I checked different gates, different terminals, and kept calling her cell phone – no answer.  Where the hell is she!?!  At worst, I figured I’d see her on the next leg of our journey to San Diego.

After a quick bite of lunch and one more sprint through the airport, I got on my flight to San Diego, sat down (in my middle seat, no less), and suddenly I was flanked by 2 people I didn’t know.  Where the hell is my mother-in-law?!!

So at this point, I figure I would find her at the airport in San Diego.  Sure enough, that’s where she was!  She had been waiting for me at the coffee shop in the baggage area in San Diego for almost 4 hours.  Know why?  Because when she asked to get on the stand-by list out of Chicago, they didn’t just stand-by her to Dallas… they managed to get her on stand-by all the way through to San Diego!!  Very cool, but very confusing because it meant that she was on the ground while I was in the air (and vice versa) and we could never get in contact with each other aside from leaving “I’m at x, where the heck are you?” messages.  Quite comical, in retrospect.

When I finally found her in San Diego, things went relatively smoothly from that point on.  (There were many comical moments during the short trip, but that’s a different blog for a different time.)  Once we got into our hotel and grabbed a bit to eat, we caught a cab over to the Old Town Market in San Diego to check it out and eventually grab dinner.  This picture is from a really cool home decor place that we found in the market.

So after a crazy day of travel and some walking around Old Town, I was probably overdue for a drink and a little relaxation.  Since Mexico was our next stop, I figured a margarita would be the perfect choice alongside my tacos al pastor when we finally sat down to dinner.  And dang skippy if we didn’t have fun that night before we started our adventures in Mexico!

– JC

PS – This week’s foot update:  It’s still on the mend.  I’m getting around a little better each day, but the healing’s going a bit slower than my doctor anticipated.  I’m hopeful that I’ll be back to normal soon because I want to get back to shooting some fun stuff during some travels we have coming up on the calendar!!

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