Hungry Travelers

(Originally posted August 26, 2012)

Fish Tacos at Mexicali Blue - New Paltz, NY
Fish Tacos at Mexicali Blue – New Paltz, NY

Mmmm… Fish tacos!

My husband and I love food.  Thankfully, we’re usually able to find some really good eats during our travels.  A fish taco place in New Paltz, NY was no exception!

Mexicali Blue is a very small restaurant in the college town of New Paltz, NY.  My husband actually discovered this place – by accident – during a trip he made to New Paltz to present a research paper at a Geographer’s conference several years ago.  He couldn’t stop raving about these fish tacos, their array of homemade hot sauces, and the variety this teeny tiny place had to offer in – of all places – New Paltz, NY!  I had to try them.

Unfortunately for me, during our first trip to Lake Placid, NY a few years ago, Mexicali Blue was closed since it was the college’s semester break.  Luckily for me – and our friends traveling with us this past winter – Mexicali Blue was open!!  It made for the perfect spot of lunch on our way to Lake Placid.

These tacos tasted as good as they looked.  In fact, it was hard making sure I captured the perfect shot because all I wanted to do was to dive into my meal!

I ordered the grilled catfish tacos.  They came served on warm blue corn tortillas, topped with the house cabbage slaw, some cheese, and a crema-based drizzle of sauce.  Delicious!

Simply looking at this picture again all of these months later is literally making my mouth water.  I love how a quick shot of a plate of food can take you back in time in so many dimensions – the memory of the meal and the good friends with us, the anticipation of finally tasting the tacos I had long-heard about, and savoring the flavors with each bite.


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