A Season for Lights

(Originally posted December 19, 2012)

The Wanamaker Light Show Finale - Philadelphia, PA
The Wanamaker Light Show Finale – Philadelphia, PA

Well, it’s time to start wrapping things up for 2012.  But before we take a break for the holidays, we wanted to wish everyone the best this holiday season and share a quick memory before we left!

The image above is one of my favorite traditions of the Christmas season – the Wanamaker Light Show in Center City Philadelphia, PA.  (Macy’s now owns and operates the store, but for those of us who grew up with the tradition, it will always be Wanamakers!)  This light show is over 80 years old and runs every hour of every day of the holiday shopping season each year – for free – at the Macy’s store in downtown Philadelphia.  The show runs for about 20 minutes, with Julie Andrews narrating various Christmas tales as the lights play out each scene on a pallet that is 4 stories high.

Growing up, my favorite part of the Christmas season was taking the train ride with my mom and my sisters into the city where we met my dad after he finished his day at work and we went to see the Christmas sights in the city.  Sure, there were visits with Santa, rides on the monorail that circled above a department store’s toy section, and a walk through Dickens’ Village, but the Light Show was always my favorite!

As Wanamaker’s changed hands several times in recent years, many worried about the fate of the light show.  Luckily, Macy’s recognized the strength of this tradition and its historic value and started fixing the elements of the show that had been disappearing one by one as parts failed or became unsafe.  Time had not been kind to the equipment, but slowly it’s been coming back to its full glory.

While we may never see the dancing waters at the base of the show come back (due to safety reasons), the Magic Tree did make a triumphant return in 2008.  Upon seeing that news, I made sure to take my camera to the show to capture the grand finale from our viewpoint on the 2nd floor.  Every time I see this picture or think of the Light Show, I get the warm & fuzzies thinking about holidays past.

So, on that note, we here at Alpha Pup Photography wish everyone a Merry Christmas, a Happy New Year, and that you enjoy whatever holidays you may be celebrating this season!!  Thank you for all of your support as we launched Alpha Pup this year.  2012 was just the beginning for us, and we’re really excited about things to come in 2013!!



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