A Most Useful Button

(Originally posted September 21, 2012)

The BS Button - Every Keyboard in Every Office Needs One!
The BS Button – Every Keyboard in Every Office Needs One!

A few years ago, I was doing a lot of work with finances and numbers, so entering the information into spreadsheets and project plans using a laptop keyboard was less than ideal.  One day during the course of my travels, I came across a handy wireless keypad accessory that would certainly make my life easier… and it was on sale t’boot!  (And who doesn’t love a bargain?)

So I snag it, bring it home, hook it up, and found myself in a sudden burst of laughter when I noticed the BS button.  Now, I’m certain that BS stands for “backspace”, but in the context of most offices of any size, I know this button takes on a whole new meaning – and a much more comedic / therapeutic one at that!

As I worked on all of those finances and project plans, that BS key came in handy.  Every time I had to hit that key, a part of me laughed a little.  Maybe that was because the project I was working on was making me bleary-eyed, but considering how tough that project was, the little snippets of laughter helped a lot.

When I finished that project, I was more convinced than ever that the BS key should be a standard offering on any keyboard used in any kind of office!



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