A Beautiful Detour

(Originally posted August 29, 2012)

Cedar Breaks
Cedar Breaks

Our last morning at Bryce Canyon National Park in Utah was bittersweet because we had to leave not just the park, but vacation was almost over.  It was time to head back to Las Vegas and fly home the next day.  (Sigh)  Little did I know the little surprise waiting for us later on that morning…

On our way from Bryce to the freeway that leads to Vegas, we came upon a road closure in the back woods of southwestern Utah.  The odd part was that the gates were only half-closed across the road, so it was hard to tell if it was really closed or not.  And in this rugged, rural part of Utah, there’s not a heck of a lot of roadway signage to help you along your way.

So we turned back a few miles and popped into a gas station in a teeny tiny little town only to find out that the road really was closed beyond that gate due to a massive landslide that closed the road a few weeks prior.  Yikes!  Thankfully, we got the directions we needed to detour ourselves around the closure and back to the freeway.  Turns out it was probably the prettiest detour I’ve taken so far because it led us through Cedar Breaks National Monument!

My husband had been to this park before in his “pre-marriage” life, but I had never been, so he made sure we stopped because he knew it’d be a photography feast for me.  Our stay was really short because the park’s facilities weren’t yet open for the season, but we were able to walk out to the observation point at the rim and see this absolutely gorgeous site.

I think this picture remains as one of my favorites from a gorgeous-scenery-filled trip.  I only hope we encounter more pretty detours like this during our future travels…


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